Beef Classification Center, BCC-3

New generation of online beef carcass grading systems

In a close and fruitful co-operation with Danish Frontmatec, CUBIC has designed and currently delivered 9 customized steel solutions for the Frontmatec BCC-3 system for meat production facilities. Each BCC-3 installation consists of 8 stainless steel imaging columns. The Beef Classification Center, BCC-3™, is the new generation of objective online beef carcass grading systems providing information about the composition of beef carcasses. BCC-3™ revolutionises the world’s beef industry and brings cattle slaughterhouses into a new era with its ability to accurately predict the characteristics of a beef carcass prior to any processing steps.

The BCC-3™ records and evaluates beef carcasses as the system automatically generates a 3D image of the carcass halves using state-of-the-art digital measurement techniques. Subsequently, the carcasses are analysed and reliably assessed using advanced image analysis techniques. This allows accurate classification and optimal utilisation of the carcasses. Also, the information provided by the BCC-3™ permits slaughterhouses to pay the farmers according to true market value.

As the BCC-3™ is fully automatic, there is no possibility for interfering with the grading results, and since BCC-3™ is a non-contact equipment there is also no risk of cross-contamination. The system is installed on the kill floor in beef slaughterhouses, has no moving parts and low maintenance costs. It consists of 8 stainless steel imaging columns, manufactured by CUBIC, each with 5 embedded digital cameras and LED light panels.