10 MW photovoltaic project in Greece

CUBIC partner V. KAFKAS S.A., a leading Greek provider of electrical equipment, technology products, lighting, home & buildings automation and energy management solutions has successfully designed, assembled and delivered 13 outdoor substations to a subcontractor for a major 10 MW photovoltaic project in Greece. 

The project utilizes highly efficient Huawei smart string inverters with a rated output voltage of 800 VAC. The demanding specifications of the project include switchboards with compact design to be implemented to outdoor substations. 

The 800VAC solution consists of specialized ABB circuit breakers installed in CUBIC modular solutions, fulfilling IEC 61439-2 design verifications. 

The project comprises a 500KVA and 1000 KVA substation connected with up to 5 and 10 inverters respectively. Insulation monitoring is also implemented due to the IT power grid.

The type tested LV, MV panels and substations were assembled entirely by V. KAFKAS S.A. The project was successfully completed due to the strong collaboration and co-ordination of the business development divisions of KAFKAS. 

The company holds two panel building factories - one located in Athens (for LV and MV panels) and one in Thessaloniki (for LV panels and assembly of the prefabricated substations). Besides, KAFKAS disposes of a specialized project engineering department for the initial design and project management.