Junction boxes - KKS

In addition to the KLM stainless junction box, CUBIC can also offer the KKS model. KKS is a hygienic enclosure, which means it is developed and especially applicable in industries where hygiene requirements are extremely high. For example within the pharmaceutical- or foodindustry.

KKS has no horizontal surfaces in the top of the cabinet, which means that liquid can not lie still. Slanted stainless surfaces makes this junction box extremely useful in environments with a high level of dust or humidity. The lid can be removed, which allows access to the components from both, top, sides and front. In short, KKS is a junction box, where service friendliness is in focus.

The lid of the KKS can be delivered withwith 30 or 45 degree inclination. As standard, the KKS terminal box is made in 1.5 mm thick EN 1.4301 / AISI 304L steel, but can be delivered in EN 1.4404 / AISI 316L steel on request. 

KKS is IEC/EN 62208, IP65 approved.

It is possible to mount hygiene-friendly spacers on KKS. KKS is delivered ready for mounting.