Plexiglass protection against humidity - PLX

CUBIC offers protection of the components against the water pressure during cleaning. By installing a plexiglas lid onto control panels, touch screens and displays, the components are protected against for example water pressure when cleaning.

Should the panel be accessed, simply lift the lid, which after use will fall back into its original position when released.

PLX is produced by a combination of stainless steel and plexiglass and comes as standard in widths 203,303,370 and 460 mm. PLX plexiglas lids can be mounted on all cabinet types, using welding bolts or bolts through holes.

PLX is tailored to our BTP solutions.

Productname / Number Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
# 9660+202303-100
203 228 35
# 9660+302303-100
303 228 35
# 9660+372303-100
370 228 35
# 9660+46203-100
460 228 35