STA mounting enclousure STA-604022-100 has the dimensions 600 mm, width 400 mm and a depth of 220 mm. 

STA is made if 1,5 mm EN 1.4301/AISI 304 with a mat ground outer finish. On request all STA enclosure versions can also be constructed in EN1.4404/AISI 316L. STA is available in an ATEX EX edition if requested.  In addition as a HYG enclosure in AISI 304 = -105(With 5 degrees HYG top)  or AISI304= - 130 (with 30 degree HYG-top and drip cap) 

The surface of STA-604022-100 is polished with grain 180. All enclosured parts are earthed.

If a larger version, than the available STA sizes, is requested we refer to our STB mounting enclosures as a possible solution.The following accessories are available for STA-604022-100: 

  • Pane door IP 69k
  • Observation door with frame
  • Pivotable instrument plate
  • 19" pivot frame
  • Air lock IP x6
  • Ventilator
  • Filter
  • Locking device 
  • Wall brackets
  • Flanges
  • Door fixture
  • EMC shield 


STA Product data
Title STA
Product number # STA-604022-100
Height 600 mm
Width 400 mm
Depth 220 mm

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