19 rack enclosure and server racks

CUBIC high quality 19” or modular PDU enclosure solutions for personal safety and operational dependability. 

19” modular rack 

19” rack enclosures are typically utlized in data centers, server rooms and web hotels to mount several units of electronic equipment into. 19”  racks can also be used for scientific or audio equipment. 19” rack enclosures can both be moveable or floor standing. With the CUBIC Modular system it is possible to construct any type of rack or enclosure that meets the user’s needs. All types of server racks can be constructed in the CUBIC modular system to specifications. 

PDU solutions 

Each year CUBIC supplies PDU (power distribution units) solutions to the Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry for datacenters, serverrooms, webhotels etc. Our PDU solutions are constructed in the modular system, which enables incorporating individual requirements from the end-user and customer into the rack enclosure.

The strong construction and numerous combination possibilities makes it possible to design enclosures with one or more doors and covers on all sides, separate cable sections, internal separation and draw-out shelfs. A rack enclosure can be constructed as low as down to one-unit racks even for server racks. In short, the modular system ensures maximum versatility for both user and panel builder.  


Independently tested solutions

All tests carried out at CUBIC are conducted by independent and leading test laboratories. Our solutions all adhere to the IEC/En 61439 standard, which they are verifiable to. Only a minimum of documentation is necessary for the panel builder in order to verify the solution.