An added plus to your competitiveness

Plug-in+ is a highly competitive product variant within the Modular system. It is built upon the Plug-in solution with features and traits known from Multi Drawer but at a 14% lower price*. This is done without compromising on safety, where Plug-in+ still provides the high safety in terms of operational and personnel safety. All in all a highly competitive solution, which serves most needs at a 14% lower price than a comparable Multi Drawer solution.

Plug-in+ is located perfectly between the Plug-in and Multi Drawer solutions in terms of level of investment and safety providing an added plus to your competitiveness.


Application of Plug-in+

Plug-in+ is highly applicable in situations, where all Multi Drawer functionalities are not required.  With Plug-in+ you still get the high CUBIC quality. 
The construction principle in Plug-in+, as in Multi Drawer and MPI, provides automatically possibility of combining with these solutions. As with all CUBIC solutions the flexibility is high, for instance rail covering can be placed independently of the Din rail.


Want to know more about Plug-in+?

Plug-in+ is a competitive variant for most situations. watch the video about Plug-into know more about why you should consider Plug-in+ as your next solution.


 *14% lower price is based on list price and is obtained if same configuration applies for our Multi Drawer solution and  Plug-in+. Higher savings in percentage can be achieved  if compared with a fully withdrawable Multi Drawer solution.
Plug-in+ Product data
Title Plug-in+
Compability to Multi Drawer Standard covering boxes as Multi Drawer cable boxes are compatible
Mounting Frame prepared Mounting frame prepared for 3 and 4 pole.
Shutter Possibility for shutter
Verification Verification from Multi Drawer can be used.
Outlet type Demountable outlets
Optimised assembly Minimum number of screws reducing mounting time
Connection Possibility of interlock as in Multi Drawer
Form Form 3 with basis version due to the bearing structures are designed to close tightly around each other
Range 630 amps