Plug-in is CUBIC’s demountable solution. A solution that offers the functions of a draw-out system whilst benefitting from the economy of a fixed pattern system.

Our Plug-in switchboards are based upon CUBICs recognized modular system, which allows adaptability, versatility and a high competitiveness along with the already known features and qualities of the modular system

One of the major advantages with a Plug-in solution compared with other switchboard system is that, one selects freedom to choose component manufacturer and the highest available versatility on the market. 

Drawers with numerous functions

A Plug-in drawer constructed in the modular system provides panel builders with numerous opportunities and functionalities. One functionality is connections on the incoming side. It allows disconnecting from the distribution busbar without the use of a single tool, even if the busbar is live. This ensures a high degree of satety for the technical staff working on the switchboard. Thus, operational and personnel safety to the same high degree as a draw out system.

On the outgoing side, conductors are connected to terminals/multi-plugs, either in the drawer or in the cableway. Alternatively as a combination of the main circuit connected directly and the aux. circuits connected via terminals/multi-plugs.
Other drawer options include among other shutters and interlocks. Internal separation construction in FORM 3 – 4 . The plug-in system is optional 3-poled or 4-poled.

The sizes of the drawers range from 1-3 modules in both height and width with an individual module size of 192 mm.

High personnel safety and quality

A drawer based solution like Plug-in from CUBIC is equal to choosing a high quality solution renowned for its operational dependability and high personnel safety. Common for all solutions constructed in the CUBIC modular system. A switchboard designed with CUBIC ensures personal safety in the daily work on the switchboard.

Possibilities and versatility

Plug-in is adaptability, versatility and a high competitiveness along with the already mentioned features and qualities of the modular system. For instance can all Plug-in solutions be upgraded to our fully withdrawable drawer system Multi Drawer. A Plug-in solution can also be combined with Multi Drawer and MPI solutions. If the power distribution need is changing it is easy to adjust or extend the solution later on.

It is possible to access the plug-in drawers from both the front and the rear side, and connections can be made from both the top, the bottom or the side of the panel.

Tested and documented

Plug-in solutions are verifiable according to the IEC/EN 61439 standards. The busbars systems are tested up to 6300 A.

Plug-in can be used for a.o. the following types of switchboard:


Plug-in Product data
Title Plug-in
Drawer size 2X1 to 3X3 module
Standards IEC/EN 61439-2
Internal separation Form 3b and Form 4A
Approvals DNV-GL, DEKRA & Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
Rated Voltage Up to 1000 V; 50 Hz
Rated current Up to 6000A
IP Degree Up to IP 54