Multi Drawer

Draw out switchboards - Multi Drawer – the future proof solution

Multi Drawer from CUBIC is the future-proof solution of draw out switchboards, which combine classic features and traits with new innovative functionalities. Functionalities, which further heighten the personal and operational safety.

Multi Drawer - All advantages - One system

Multi Drawer is CUBIC's fully withdrawable system for switchboards. In all its simplicity, it consists of highly versatile and withdrawable drawers, which can be reconfigured or extended, while the switchboard is in operation. 

”Turn opportunity into advantage”... is the essence of CUBIC’s Multi Drawer system.  Advantages in terms of versatility, operational safety, dependability and cost effectiveness in withdrawable units for any type of switchboard. Advantages known from the Modular System upon which Multi Drawer is constructed. 

Multi Drawer provides the possibility to offer compact solutions, which simultaneously meet the end-user’s demands for a competitive product. A wide range of features increases competitiveness compared with other draw-out enclosure systems.

Multi drawer - drawout with open drawers

A Multi Drawer

The Drawers in the Multi Drawer are designed with a focus on optimal utilisation of the space in the switchboard. It is therefore possible to choose between drawers from 16A to 630A with physical sizes from 1-3 modules.  Drawers are prepared for installation on all available bus systems including use of Ethernet.

Degree of protection

Drawers are available up to IP54 protection for the enclosure, up to IP30 internal with shutters and up to IP20 internally without shutter. 

Equipment and options

All electrical enclosures with Multi drawers are delivered with interlock, alignment connections, main plug (3 or 4 Phases), fixed or hinged front. In addition holes for component installation.

For the Multi Drawer system a range of optional accessories are available including: cable boxes, auxiliary circuits, outlet plugs, aux. switch, position indicator, mounting plates, coding etc.

An electrical enclosure for today and tomorrow

Multi Drawer comes in a user-friendly modern design, constructed and designed in concert with the users. It is applicable anywhere where electrical energy needs to be safely distributed. Today, Multi Drawer is used world-wide; typically within the process industry, mining, navigation, hospitals etc.

The high versatility of the modular system allows for construction a draw-out enclosure after the users wishes and needs. A versatility, which meets both current and future needs. If needs change, simply reconfigure or extend the existing solution to match new demands.

Highest safety and dependability

A solution from CUBIC is to consider when even a short interruption of the power supply may be crucial to human lives and cause huge operational disadvantages and economic losses.

Multi Drawer appears with the best possible combination of personal and operational safety. By selecting a solution constructed with Multi Drawer, the operator can work safely on a part of the switchboard, whilst the rest of the switchboard is in operation. Maintenance on a CUBIC solution, including on Multi Drawer switchboards is kept at an absolute minimum. 

Tested safety

All CUBIC solutions constructed in the modular system, including Multi Drawer, are renowned for its high quality and safety. All our tests are conducted by external and independent test laboratories. Tests include among other earthquake tests, shock test and arcing tests. Multi Drawer solutions are verifiable and tested according to the IEC/EN 61439 standard.

Multi Drawer Product data
Title Multi Drawer
Degree of protection (with shutter) Up to IP30, with shutter, internal
Degree of protection Up to IP20 without shutter, internal
Degree of protection (enclosure) Op to IP54
Drawer size 1x1 to 3x2 Modules
Material/Basic treatment Electro-galvanized or iron-phosphated steel plate
Standards and approvals IEC 61439
Internal separation Form 3b or Form 4b
Rated voltage (Ue) Up to 1000 V; 50 Hz