BSM-Box system

The best switchboard system in the market for distribution boards up to 800 A.

With CUBIC’s box system you are ensured competitive, future-proof switchboards in an elegant and timeless design.

The box system is verified according to  IEC/EN 61439.


Time saving in the construction phase gives higher competitiveness and provides the switchboard builder with a competitive advantage in relation to costs and time. 

Plenty of space in the box system makes it easy to mount wires and cables.


CUBIC’s box system for distribution boards and controls mounted on mounting on a base plate provides a flexible structure with infinite  possibilities.

The box system is delivered in depths of 1.5M fulfilling the space demand for components, which are usually mounted in box sides. Apart from the depth, the outer dimensions are the same as for the Modular System. The box system is mounted on an appurtenant plinth. 

For mounting of terminals, a special bracket for the back of the DIN rail is available. Besides, a bracket for application in the cable section for terminals, cable duct and PE bar is available. 


  • Best switchboard system in the market
  • Competitive price
  • Exquisite quality
  • Lacquered workpieces - no sharp edges
  • Brand independence
  • Quick mounting
  • Day to day delivery
  • Back-up from customer service
  • The right depth: 800 A on 288 mm depth + covering
  • Flanges with the option of cable entry
  • Fully documented i.a. in our technical instruction and projecting manuals
BSM-Box system Product data
Title BSM-Box system
Depth 300 mm