Earthing and short circuiting devices

CUBIC offers a series of safety products to make it easier to work according to the five safety rules. Earthing and short-circuiting devices ensure, that fault currents can be detected by a fault circuit breaker, shutting of power immediately. Faults, which can appear if a person gets a electric shock or if a short-circuiting to earth happens. 

The products fits perfectly in the CUBIC Modular System and they are designed according to IEC/EN 61230.
The earthing and short-circuiting devices consists of the following: 
  • Short-circuiting busbars in 300mm and 650mm with wire
  • Clamping point for busbar
  • Brackets for clamping point
  • Earthing stick T-Pin
  • SQ screw adapter
  • Fixed ball point with either straight with female thread or angled
Fixed ball points to be mounted directly on the PE-Busbar.
Clamping points can easily be mounted directly on the S2000 busbar system by using brackets for single or double S2000 system. To ensure that the board is de-energized for service and maintenance, a short-circuiting busbar with wire can be mounted on the clamping point.
The short-circuiting busbar incl. wire can easily be mounted by using earthing stick and adaptor.

During service and maintenance you can now be sure that the panel is de-energized.

See the entire list of earthing and short - circuiting devices in our brochure.