Current transformers

Current transformers are used in electronic equipment for switchboard monitoring and to measure the current, which passed through the core.

Split core current transformers

The transformers available by CUBIC are with split core. Split core current transformers are unique. They fit perfectly on the S2000 busbars, and can easily be mounted on the rails, even after the switchboard is fully assembled. Due to the split core the entire installation is simplified and hereby increases the competitiveness, since it is not required to interrupt the busbar connection.

The easy installation of the current transformer provides optimum protection and flexibility.

Range from 150A to 2000A current transformers

CUBIC offers a range of transformers from 150A to 2000A. All types are tested in the Modular System by independent test laboratories, which is your guarantee of a high-quality and tested product.

The compact size also ensures that the current transformer can be used even in places where space is limited.