Central to CUBIC is the concept of Partnering.

To CUBIC Partnering is the mutual belief that together as partners we can achieve more than can be achieved separately. We are always on the look-out for new potential partners, who wish to enter a mutual benefitting parthership.

Cubic Thumb Partnering

Partnering is the unique environment where a fulfilment of mutual needs takes place through a focus on the values that we each bring to the co-operation. Values that are characterised by openness, loyalty, honesty, engagement, and the will and capability to develop the Partnering process.

CUBIC’s contribution to the Partnering emanates from our set of values: The individual/ team, know-how, culture and attitudes, customer oriented, proactive, product concept, reliability, relations and independence.

Our values are placed at the full disposal of our partners as a natural feature of this common environment. It is the CUBIC difference!

Become a partner with CUBIC

Here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming a partner with CUBIC:

  • A reliable independent partner 
  • We focus on having a good long-term relationship
  • Tested solutions to the latest standards
  • Freedom to select the components you wish to install in the modular system
  • Thorough training in our products
  • Technical support and assistance from CUBIC 

All our partners go though thorough training within our Global Training programme, which provides you with the skills and knowledge to work and become familiar with the CUBIC Modular system. A good start to a promising partnership. You can read more about the content of our Global Training program via the link.

Apply to become or find a partner below.