CUBIC Global Training Programme

Global Training Programme

The CUBIC Global Training Programme is developed for panel builders, who have made an “Agreement on Cooperation” with CUBIC to use the modular system in accordance with all current documentation.

It represents a joint commitment that can be relied upon by consultants and end users worldwide for switchboards based on the CUBIC Modular System.

The CUBIC Global Training Programme is carried out worldwide by qualified training staff referring to common educational material.

The comprehensive content of the programme often calls for several participants with different responsibilities within the same company.

By taking part in the CUBIC Global Training the participants obtain an in-depth technical awareness of CUBIC’s products and auxiliary tools, and gain significant knowledge of international standards, type testing, and practical design of switchboards.

Further to the extensive programme, advice and inspiration are provided in respect of commercial considerations and efficient switchboard production.

Having completed the programme, the partners are provided with a certificate as well as a logo. The partners are then free to use the logo at their website. It is thus your guarantee of a completed CUBIC Global Training Programme.