Product compliance documentation

In recent years, various laws and regulations have been introduced at both the national and international levels, regarding chemical and hazardous substances. Legislation covers such areas as environmental and health impacts. 

As a global company with operations in many countries and regions, CUBIC believes that compliance with laws and regulations is the foundation of environmental risk management and product competitiveness. CUBIC has developed activities in line with the CUBIC environmental policies, in order to ensure compliance with laws and regulations applicable, to prevent pollution and reduce environmental impacts.   

To deliver environmentally conscious products, environmentally conscious parts and materials must be used.  

When procuring parts and materials, suppliers are asked to deliver parts and materials in accordance with the CUBIC Procurement Standards. Suppliers are, through signed Agreement of cooperation, required to ensure that the goods they supply to CUBIC meet the standards and regulation. 

To state compliance with regulations on chemical and hazardous substances, CUBIC has introduced a number of material declarations for various regulation, to make sure our customers have the necessary information they need. 

These statements have so far been available on request, but can now be downloaded directly from CUBIC’s partner site.

Go to Partnersite for downloading the documents