CUBIC’s Partner systems builders can benefit from enhanced efficiency and type tested quality with new innovative copper connections produced by CUBIC.

A range of standard copper connections for MCCB’s from 800A to 1600A, and ACB’s from 1600A to 6300A.

The connections can be included at design stage in the CUBIC Galaxy designsoftware to ensure accuracy of cost and security of quality. Mounting of connections is straight-forward for both ACB and MCCB.

The result is a ‘pick-up and fit’ connection set that will improve the speed and efficiency of the assembly process to further increase competitiveness. The connections are delivered ready for use for both ACB and MCCB breakers.

The connections are currently only offered to breakers from ABB and Schneider, however the target is to be covering more of 80% of the used breakers on the markets. This is achieved when we later on also will be able to offer connections to Siemens and Terasaki breakers. 

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