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Facebook, Google, E-bay, Microsoft, Apple,Alibaba, Amazon mfl.. er bare nogle af de navare just some of the names, which pops to mind, when talking about the internet. Common for these companies and many more it that IT tech-based companies have a vast need for handling large data amounts on a global scale. Therefore, as the amount of data grows, so does the need for effective, safe and reliable data handling. This is ensured using servers stored in datacenters.

The need for servers is continously growing, meaning the construction of all sizes of data centers is an increasingly growing industry. In these data centers tousands of servers are the heart of telecommunication.


Datacenters used across industries

Construction of data centers continues on a global scale. Data centeres are also used by other companies and industries, than just within the Information and communication technology industry. Banks,phone companies, process companies, insurance, television, hospitals, municipalities, states are just some of those who also utilize data centeres. either they build their own or purchase space at independent data center supplier on the global market.

Overview over data center

CUBIC can deliver several solutions

Common for all data centers are the extreme high usage of power, which generates a lot of heat, which creates a need for both main-and distributions switchboard as well as ventilation switchboards (see picture below). In addition, a datacenter cannot run without power, making it nessesary to also have emergency switchboards,PDU (Power Distribution Units) switchboards and PSU(power server units) boards(see picture below).  Any of these switchboards can be constructed using CUBIC products. 


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