Tested and certified solutions

Choosing switchboards from CUBIC is not just a simple choice between one enclosure system over another. You choose CUBIC, when you want one of the most thoroughly tested systems on the market and want certainty of the validity of the tests. At CUBIC, we have such much faith in our products, that all tests on the modular system is carried out by leading, independent and recognized test laboratories. Therefore our assertions do not stand alone, which is your guarantee. You can read about our tests on this page.


CUBIC modular system: One system, hundreds of tests and certifications

When we say that the CUBIC modular system is tested, we do not just refer to one test, we make hundreds of tests on the modular system with a wide range of components from different suppliers. Together with the world’s major suppliers of electrical components, a selection of their components ranging from small MCB / MCCB’s up to the largest 6300A ACB are tested with the modular system. Components are installed in complete assemblies fitted together with different kind of busbars and connections and subjected to all tests in IEC/EN 61439-1, -2 and -3.


The CUBIC testprogram

Our test program is developed to accompanying our modular system and all its advantages. 

  • Different busbar sizes for different loads
  • Different busbar support distance for different short circuit levels
  • Different IP levels for different applications
  • Different brands of components for different markets
  • And many more...
To ensure our partners and the end users confidence, we use DEKRA as certified body for almost all our verifications and certifications.
Underwriters Laboratories standards for America and Canada.
On top of all the tests according to IEC 61439, the same system is vibration tested, earth quake tested, and tested and certified according to the American standards under UL. Therefore it is possible to construct any type of switchboard for the american market.

Choose reliability and stay independent – insist on CUBIC

Choosing CUBIC is a choice of tested and verified enclosure solutions, with the freedom to construct any type of switchboard. Tests are carried out for you with a minimum of documentation for you.

We know our modular system and its performance, do you?  If not or if  you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.


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