Working at CUBIC - people and culture

An important condition for CUBIC's growth-oriented strategy is the ability to attract, retain and develop adequate, qualified employees.

We therefore see it as a large and important task to find the right employees. Employees who act loyally and independently and, if required, take responsibility.

Our success is deeply rooted in all employees, and we consider every single employee a highly valuable asset no matter the position held in the organization. As we pull together, it is essential that all employees are team players and possess the ability to co-operate and function in teams.

A co-operation that at all times is characterized by openness, constructivism and respect.

At CUBIC, we see it as an important task to build and maintain a decentralized organization, which perceives the end-user as well as the next colleague in line as an important customer.

It is essential that responsibility and competencies are delegated to the relevant organizational levels, and that the superior rules and values provide a foundation for involvement, decentralization and delegation.

The goal is to create a dynamic and changeable organization with CUBIC at the foreside able to adapt to the market demands for the products of tomorrow.

In short, the employees at CUBIC are characterized by engagement, loyalty and proactivity as well as the joy and will to win.

Do you recognize these approaches in your daily work life?

If you are you interested in the development within low voltage switchboards, which is the world that we ourselves and our customers are a part of, CUBIC would like to get in touch with you.