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Motor Control Center

Motor control center (MCC) enclosure from CUBIC

Motor Control center (mcc) are switchboards, which contains motor starter sections. CUBIC offer MCC solutions constructed upon CUBIC’s Modular system. The advantage of utilizing a CUBIC switchboard solution for Motor starter sections is, that one can combine the solution with other distributions switchboards.


From an enclosure perspective there is not the big difference, whether the MCC fan distributes power to either motors or smaller consumer oriented switchboards.


What typically differentiate motor control centers from other types of switchboards, is they often contains more extensive communication equipments regarding start/stop of engines as well as signals concerning the function of the engines and motors.



Application of an CUBIC motor control center 

A mcc solution is applicable in various industries and functions, but  a typical Mcc switchboard from CUBIC is found in larger industries, where the power effect need exceeds above 1000 ampere. But CUBIC has also experience and is competitive in supplying mcc switchboard solutions for smaller panelboards below 1000 ampere. In short CUBIC’s solution is particularly versatile and is used in various types of electrical installations.


Our mcc solutions are constructed upon our Modular system allowing numerous possibilities based on few stock parts and minimal space, compared with other welted and modular enclosures on the market. In addition motor control center solutions from CUBIC are IEC/EN 61439 verified.


Mcc switchboard characteristics and features

CUBIC's Motor control centers provide you the greatest possible extent of freedom and profitability with a simple partitioning, which has variouscharacteristics, features and advantages:


  • Construction with individual motor starter sections up to FORM 4.
  • Possibility to adapt the size of the sections individually.
  • High personnel safety.
  • Construction in fully draw out (Multi Drawer), Plug-in or fixed version.
  • Completely free choice of electrical components.
  • Free choice regarding height, width and depth.
  • Easy to change and extend.
  • Possibility of access from the front and rear side.
  • Connection from the top, the bottom or the side of the panel.
  • Type-tested busbar systems up to 7000 amps.




Motor control center switchboards


Temperature-rise, earth quake, arc,

Vibration, shock

Standards IEC / EN 61439
Color Light grey


Electro-galvanized/iron phosphated

steel plate

Degree of protection Up to IP54

Rated peak withstand current:

Up to 264 kA

Rated voltage, insulation

1000 V AC

Busbar systems rating up to 6300 amps
Short-circuit test Icw up to 120 kA
Rated operational voltage

Up to 1000 V, 50 Hz


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