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Main and distribution switchboards

Power distribution switchboard constructed with CUBIC's Modular system

When only the highest safety, quality, efficiency and endurance are required for electrical power distribution an electrical switchboard solution from CUBIC is the ideal choice.


Main and distribution switchboard from CUBIC are based on the modular system and is the perfect solution for safe electrical distribution up to 6300 ampere. CUBIC’s main and distribution solutions are renowned as one of the most versatile and safe electrical switchboard solutions on the market.


Advantages and features with a CUBIC main and distribution switchboard:

  • Free choice regarding height, width and depth.
  • High personnel safety
  • Possibility of access from the front and rear side.
  • Connection from the top, the bottom or the side of the panel.
  • Possible to incorporate tested busbar systems up to 6300 amps.
  • Construction in FORM 1 - 4.
  • CUBIC’s high quality
  • Easy and timesaving assembly with very few tools
  • Easy expansion and changing of your solution
  • Customizable to withstand harsh, wet and even hostile environments
  • Short delivery time


The high and unique versatility of CUBIC’s main and distribution switchboardsare based on the common modular module size of 192 mm in electro-galvanized/iron phosphate steel.


The versatility of the Modular system is underlined by the fact that the height, width, and depth of a electrical panel can be designed to the exact needs of the individual customer. Furthermore, the electrical switchboards can with ease be re-constructed or extended at a later stage. Therefore one is not locked in at only one solution  and certain components when your needs change.


A CUBIC power distribution panel is not limited to certain components manufactures and suppliers, sizes, special features or other requirements. Instead our low voltage main or distribution switchboards provide total freedom of choice in terms of electrical components and switchgear for the switchboard. At the same time the board is customizable to meet demanding environments.


Main- & distribution electrical switchboards – a flexible solution

All of CUBIC's modular switchboard solutions are verifiable with the IEC/EN 61439 standard, which has replaced IEC/EN 60439, and are tested by wellknown, independent and respected agencies.

Whether it is a main electrical panel or a distribution panel, CUBIC has supplied solutions to companies and businesses in such various industries, as OEM’s, mining, infrastructure, marine, production industry, power plants, renewable energy, offshore etc.  Read more about our references and solutions previously supplied for your specific industry:



If you industry is not listed, please contact CUBIC to learn more - Contact



Product data


Main and distribution
electrical switchboards
Standards: IEC / EN 61439

Temperature-rise/ earth quake test,

arc test, Vibration test:shock test



phosfated steel plate


Light grey

Degree of protection: Up  to IP54
Rated peak withstand current:

Up to 264 kA

Rated voltage, insulation:

1000 V AC

       Busbar system rating

up to 6300 amps

       Short-circuit test

Icw up to 120 kA

Rated operational voltage:

Up to 1000 V, 50 Hz



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In addition to the modular switchboard solutions, CUBIC also offers customized solutions in both stainless steel and lacquered steel.


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