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Multi Purpose Insert system(MPI) - Fixed electrical panel system


Fixed insert enclosure system

The Multi purpose Insert (MPI) system is a fixed insert switchboard system for the installation of all types of components, switches, fuse switches, MCCBs and motor starters.


Built upon CUBIC’s modular system the MPI offers great advantages, openness and flexibility for all types of components. An almost 100% component adjustment is possible, as the system is available in various combinations, widths, heights, and depths.


MPI combines a fixed insert system with extreme functionality and high personnel safety, which is well documented. In addition has the MPI system been constructed in order to obtain a very rational workshop fitting and at the same time an end product, which is extremely competitive.


Features and advantages with the MPI insert system

  • Universal insert up to 1600 A.
  • IP 3x (higher than).
  • Compact design.
  • Fitted in front of the assembly.
  • Three fixed mounting depths that can furthermore be adjusted in 8 mm steps.
  • Individual front cover with common door front.
  • Optimum right/left outgoing cable (PC/FE).
  • Possibility of fitting horizontal partition plates, barriers and doors after completed function test.
  • Easy to fit.
  • No slots or holes.
  • Separation of cable section.
  • Inserts can be fitted in both the upper and lower module of the switchboard


Fixed MPI enclosure inserts – versatile & flexible

The MPI is available in 36 sizes with various mounting plates, where 28 have cuts for busbar connections. With the MPI system three depths are available; a mounting bracket provides the possibility of placing the mounting plate in many different depths in steps of 8 mm. The operation of the fitted components can take place through one big door, with front coverings if necessary, or through individual doors.


The MPI insert can function as busbar covering and complies with the requirements to Form 1, 2, 3, and 4, and an internal separation higher than IP3X can be obtained. The loading levels of the insert of this electrical switchboard system are up to 50 kg. With the MPI system one can customize the solution to match individual requirements. In alignment with our other solutons, built upon the modular system, flexibility and versatility is high.



Tests and standards of the MPI Enclosure

The MPI insert solutions comply with the demands of the markets and are verifiable to the specified requirements in i.a. UL 508/845/891, and Marine classification. In addition, is the MPI electrical panel insert system also verifiable according to the recently introduced standard for low voltage switchboards, IEC/EN 61439.


All tests are carried out by esteemed agencies such as Underwriters Laboratories(UL), DEKRA, KEMA etc.  CUBIC continuously strives to supply fixed insert switchboard solutions of high quality and safety.





Product data



Standards: IEC / EN 61439-1

Rated operational voltage:

Up to 1000 V, 50 Hz



phosfated steel plate


Light grey Ral 7055

Degree of protection: Up  to IP3x

       Main Busbar systems rating

(horizontal) Rated current

up to 6300 amps

       Short time withstand current

Icw up to 120 kA

Rated peak withstand current:

Up to 264 kAmp

Distribution Busbar

(Vertical) rated current

up to 2000 Amp

       Short time withstand current

up to 80 kAmp

Rated peak withstand current:

up to 176 kAmp

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