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Mission and Vision

CUBIC builds on the idea that qualitative and creative thinking opens to an endless range of combinations. In return, this leads to more clarity, safety, and practicability in the day-to-day use in any type of enclosure.

It is our mission as an independent partner successfully to develop, produce and sell systems of a high quality and thereby contribute to secure electricity as a safe and comfortable part of our everyday life.

We will create an international company that is the obvious choice when selecting a business partner within enclosures for electricity.
This will be done through our customers and suppliers and through the attitude, engagement and knowledge of our employees.

 Main objectives:

  • To ensure a total growth being bigger than the general growth in the economics on the selected FOCUS MARKETS.
  • That all our activities, internal and external, are in agreement with a planned, long-term, and controlled development with the purpose of securing our competitiveness.
  • That we work from a conviction that there is a connection between our quality level, environmental attitude, efficiency, image, investment in the future, and our overall competitiveness.
  • To be an attractive company for all interested parties (employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, authorities, etc.), and that we recognize our social responsibility.

 We are at CUBIC constantly engaged in enhancing and updating our systems and solutions. We are determined always to meet our customers' demands for user-friendliness and versatility.