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DEHNshort – Arc fault protection system

Do you fear arc faults?


CUBIC and DEHN have established a strategic alliance regarding DEHN’s arc fault protection system DEHNshort.


CUBIC has become exclusive vendor of DEHNshort – a system for protection against the destructive powers of arc faults, which CUBIC now offer in the Modular system.



DEHN system – tested safety in the Modular system

The DEHNshort system is a arc fault protection system, which can detect even smaller arc fault by the use of current- and arc sensors. Within less than 2 milliseconds the arc is shut down so effectively that only a minimum of energy is released.


CUBIC’s Modular system is arc fault tested with the DEHNshort system up to 80 kA, while the system is short circuit tested up 80 kA without detection.


CUBIC has tested the DEHNshort system in the Modular system with temperature rising test and dielectric tests making further verification unnecessary.  CUBIC is independent allowing free choice of  components.


The very high safety level surpasses the demands put forth in the IEC/TR 61641 standard. This highlights CUBICs continuous focus on safety.


With DEHNshort several advantages are achieved:

  • Minimal downtime

     -  Avoid economical loss due to no business operations

  • Optimal safety
  • No need to replace the entire switchboard
  • Tested in the Modular system
  • Independence


Industries applicable for DEHNshort

In a large range of industries and environments a continuous operation is essential, which makes DEHNshort the perfect solution. This could be in industries such as but limited to:


  • Wind Energy
  • Petrochemical
  • Information Technology
  • Transportation
  • Hospitals
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure


Risk of arc faults

A CUBIC switchboard, designed, projected, built and verified according to IEC / EN 61439 is per definition to be considered as fault free switchboards. Arcfault can be caused by various reasons:


  • Dirt
  • Residue from drilled holes within the switchboard
  • Small animals such as mice
  • Forgotten tools for instance a wrench
  • Wrongful cabling etc.
  • Loosely mounted cabels.
  • Wrongful installation


These are just some of the reasons. So even if the risk is only a remote possibility it cannot be dismissed definitively due to the reasons mentioned above. However with DEHNshort installed in the CUBIC Modular system damages caused by arc faults are minimized and contained.














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