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19 inch rack enclosures from CUBIC

CUBIC's modular 19 inch rack is supplied in CUBIC's wellknown modular enclosure system, which ensures low voltage switchboards with maximum versatility. This allows all the individual requirements from the end-user and customer to be built into the rack.

In addition is it posssible to incorporate other CUBIC solutions within the 19 rack, enabling a very high versatility. The high versatility is also shown by the endless possibilities of sizes within 19 inch racks reaching as low as down to one unit rack.


Another great advantage with the 19 rack enclosure system from CUBIC, which distinguishes it from other rack enclosure solutions, is the possibility of constructing a rack up to IP4x. In other words, with the 19 inch rack from CUBIC, one achieves the highest IP protection

rating available on the market. Typically electronic and IT equipments utilizes CUBICs 19" rack switchboard solutions. Some of the industries, which iur modular rack are relevant in and widely used, is in the process and IT industry.

Datacentre and WEB hotel - an ideal use of 19 rack enclosures

CUBIC has great experience in supplying webhotel solutions based on our 19" modular rack. The web hotel is a CUBIC specialty, providing a unique individuality when constructing racks suitable for any purpose. The strong construction and numerous combinations makes it possible to design the rack with one or more doors and cover plates on all sides, separate cable sections, internal segregation, and pullout shelves carrying up to 100 kg.

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