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Cu-flex - Flexible Copper Busbars

CU-flex  - maintenance free copper connections

An unique busbar

Cu-flex from CUBIC is an unique and one of a kind busbar for switchboards due to our patented protected technique. This technique allows CUBIC to produce flexible copper busbars of the highest quality, effiency in power distribution and above all enhanced safety for working personnel.

Cu-flex copper busbars are made of copper wires that are woven to a flexible busbar. CUBIC’s patented technique forges the ends of the busbar to a solid unit and thus obtaining a contact surface that makes it possible to produce maintenance-free connections.  


Avoid any possible hazards and damages from having to conduct maintenance on the busbar with CU-flex.  With the Cu-flex busbar a prompt and professional execution of electrical connections is ensured.


CU-flex – typetested busbars

Cu-flex busbars have been type-tested in various modes of use and according to IEC, UL and DNV. In addition Cu-flex busbars are UL recognized in category "component - panelboard and switchboard accessories".


Advantages with CU-flex busbars:

  • Delivered ready for use
  • No shortening, stripping or making holes for fitting required
  • Multi flexible
  • Black insulation, Yellow/green available for some variants
  • Rating up to 1285 A
  • Lengths 160 - 1120 mm
  • Time-saving installation
  • High safety
  • High quality


Cu-flex busbars are supplied ready for use. This means no waste of time on shortening, stripping the wires, making holes, or unnecessary and complicated bends. The high flexibility in Cu-flex makes it a straightforward and easy task to install or modify an existing installation. Cu-flex comes in a wide array of lengths, sizes, colors and possibilities.

CU- Flex Flexible copper bars - perfect maintenance free copper connections  




Cu- flex

 Product Data

No. of busbars


Rated operational voltage, Ue (IEC)

1000 v

Rated voltage (UL)

600 v

Rated frequency

50-60 Hz

Short-circuit withstand strength:


Cut off current1) 2) / limited peak1) 2), (IEC)

24 kA-105 kA

Cut off current1) 2) / limited peak1) 2), (UL)

24 kA-64 kA

Insulation Characteristics


Operating temperature      




Insulation class


Rated voltage (IEC)

Rated voltage (UL)

Test voltage (IEC)

Test voltage (UL)

Max. 105°C         

UL 94 V0 (flame retardent)

Black/dark grey or green/yellow


Reinforced insulation for busbar to electrical component and between electrical components

1000 V

600 V

3500 V

2200 V

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