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International Contacts

International CUBIC contacts

CUBIC has over the years built up a broad range of loyal and trusted partners throughout the world. Below you will find the countries were CUBIC partners are available.
Should you require a contact in any of the countries listed below or any other country, please contact CUBIC, and we will forward you the details of a local partner.


CUBIC-Modulsystem A/S
Skjoldborgsgade 21
DK-9700 Broenderslev

Tel.: +45 9882 2400
Fax: +45 9882 3530  


Iceland Italy Cyprus
The Netherlands Poland Czech Republic
Germany Romania Denmark
France Bulgaria Norway
Spain Russia Sweden
United Kingdom Ireland Belgium
Hungary Kazakhstan Ukraine
America South America Africa
USA Brazil South Africa
Middle East Asia Oceania
Oman Singapore Australia
Qatar Thailand New Zealand
U.A.E. Malaysia  
Saudi Arabia